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Hi! I'm Ryan Moreau. A self-taught web developer who enjoys handcrafting custom wordpress themes, building out the functionality you want on your website, and helping my customers win. I have several years of experience working with Wordpress and Shopify. I have also worked on a custom CMS with the folks over at Media Suite.

Whether you're a business owner looking to get started on a project, a developer looking to collaborate on something cool, or just wanting to say hi, shoot me a message and let's grab a coffee.

Featured Projects

Magical Duda Entertainment

I became a freelance web developer when my magic business started demanding a lot more from me. I designed and built a sleek, easy to navigate website that displayed all of my services including a custom invoicing system.


  • Custom Wordpress Theme
  • Google Drive Integration
  • PHP to PDF for Invoicing
  • Mailgun
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Magical Duda Entertainment Website

Muskoka Brewery

Agency: Tyger Shark

I was the lead developer on the Muskoka Brewery website. Muskoka Brewery wanted a custom timeline developed, as well as an easy way to showcase their events and products.


  • Custom Wordpress Development
  • Advanced CSS layout
  • Scheduled Product Rollouts
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Muskoka Brewery Entertainment Website

Collingwood General and Marine Hospital

Agency: Media Suite

New AODA laws have been established for websites. I was tasked to take a site that wasn't ADOA compliant and rebuild it so that CGMH met all the requirements.


  • Followed AODA guidelines as laid out by The A11Y Project
  • PHP Modules
  • aXe
  • Lighthouse Audits
  • WAVE
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Muskoka Brewery Entertainment Website

Jwice Woodworking

Jwice Woodworking wanted an online portfolio of work that was easy to navigate and update.


  • Custom Design
  • Skinned Wordpress Theme
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Muskoka Brewery Entertainment Website